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Licia Carlson


Contact Information:


St. Catherine of Siena Hall 126


Ph.D. - Philosophy, University of Toronto

Area(s) of Expertise:

Philosophy of Disability, Biomedical Ethics, 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Music, Feminist Philosophy

Selected Publications:

Carlson, A. (2016) "Encounters with Musical Others" . Lexington Press

Carlson, A. (2016) “Feminist Approaches to Cognitive Disability” . Philosopy Compass.(11), 541-553.

Carlson, L. Costello, P. (2016) Phenomenology and the Arts. Lexington Press

Carlson, L. (2013) “Musical Becoming: Intellectual Disability and the Transformative Power of Music” in Foundations of Disability Studies. Palgrave MacMillan

Carlson, L. (2013) "Research Ethics and Intellectual Disability: Broadening the Debates". Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine.(86), 303-313.

Kittay, E. Carlson, L. , . (2010) Cognitive Disability and Its Challenge to Moral Philosophy. Wiley-Backwell

Carlson, L. (2010) The Faces of Intellectual Disability: Philosophical Reflections. Indiana University Press

Selected Presentations:

Carlson, A. Philosophy of Disability: Perspectives, Challenges, Aspirations. Society for Philosophy and Disability, Knoxville, TN - ""On Moral Status and Intellectual Disability"" October, 2017

Carlson, A. "Critical Race Theory and the Health Sciences". Boston University School of Law, Boston University, MA - ""Intelligence, Disability, and Race: Intersections and Critical Questions"" October, 2016

Carlson, A. American Society for Bioethics and Humanities . , Washington D.C. - ""The Generative Power of Illness and Disability in Virginia Woolf's On Being Ill"" October, 2016

Carlson, A. Syracuse Philosophy Annual Workshop and Network: Philosophy of Disability. , Syracuse, NY - "Paper: A Response to 'Moral Status, Profound Intellectual Disability and the Things That Matter" June, 2014

Carlson, A. The Oxford Handbook of Music and Disability Studies. , New York, NY - "Music, Intellectual Disability, and Human Flourishing" May, 2013

Carlson, A. American Philosophical Association, Central Division. , New Orleans, LA - "Re-Imagining Intellectual Disability: The Ethical Significance of Musical Experience" February, 2013

Carlson, A. Invited Talks at Seattle University & University of Washington. , Seattle, WA - "Do Philosophers Need Music Therapy? & Gender, Disability, and the Dynamics of Institutionalization" March, 2011

Carlson, A. CUNY Symposium on Music and Disability. , New York City, NY - "Music and Intellectual Disability: Philosophical Themes and Variations" January, 2010

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