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Joseph Cosgrove

Associate Professor

Contact Information:


St. Catherine of Siena Hall 114


Ph.D. - Catholic University

Area(s) of Expertise:

History and Philosophy of Physics (Theory of Relativity), Early Modern Philosophy

Selected Publications:

Cosgrove, J. (2018) Relativity without Spacetime. Palgrave Macmillan

Cosgrove, J. (2011) On the Mathematical Representation of Spacetime: A Case Study in Historical-Phenomenological Desedimentation. New Yearbook for Phenomenology.(XI), 154-186.

Cosgrove, J. (2008) Simone Weil's Spiritual Critique of Modern Science: A Historical-Critical Assessment. Zygon.(43), 353-370.

Cosgrove, J. (2008) "Husserl, Jacob Klein, and Symbolic Nature". Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal.(29), 227-251.

Cosgrove, J. (2007) Beauty and the Destitution of Technology. American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly.(81), 109-125.

Cosgrove, J. (2004) "Cartesian Certainty and the Infinity of the Will". History of Philosophy Quarterly.(21), 377-396.

Selected Presentations:

Cosgrove, J. Simone Weil Colloquium. , New Orleans, LA - "Paper: Reflections on a Text Regarding the Use of Algebra as an Instrument" April, 2016

Cosgrove, J. Jacob Klein Conference. , Providence, RI - "Paper: Klein and Einstein on Cartesian Space" March, 2016

Cosgrove, J. American Weill Society Annual Colloquy. , Notre Dame University - "You Are Information" March, 2012

Cosgrove, J. The Thought of Jacob Klein. , Seattle, WA - "Klein and the Mathematical Representation of Spacetime: A Case Study in Desedimentation" May, 2010

Cosgrove, J. American Weil Society. , Boston, MA - "Gravity or Grace? The Role of Natural Virtue in Thought of Simone Weil" April, 2010

Cosgrove, J. South Central Colloquium in Early Modern Philosophy. , Fayetteville, AR - "Descartes, Modern Science and the Self-Effacement of Metaphysics" October, 2006

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