Joseph Cosgrove

Associate Professor

Contact Information:


St. Catherine of Siena Hall 114


Ph.D. - Catholic University

Area(s) of Expertise:

History and Philosophy of Science, Early Modern Philosophy

Selected Presentations:

Cosgrove, J. American Weil Society. , Ottawa, Canada - "Board Member: Treasurer" April, 2014

Cosgrove, J. Second Jacob Klein Conference. , Annapolis, MD - "The World of Physics and the 'Natural' World" June, 2013

Cosgrove, J. Simone Weil Colloquy. , Providence, RI - "Session Chair" April, 2013

Cosgrove, J. Simone Weil and the Drama of Grace and in the Gravity of Contemporary Society. , Chicago, IL - "Paper: You Are Information: On the Symbolic Construction of Reality; Session: Modern Constructions of Reality: Individual Identity and Technical Progress" March, 2012

Cosgrove, J. American Weil Society: Simone Weil and the Political. , Berkeley, CA - "Weil and the Deconstruction of Economic, Political, and Social Injustices" May, 2011

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