Joseph Cosgrove

Associate Professor

Contact Information:


St. Catherine of Siena Hall 114


Ph.D. - Catholic University

Area(s) of Expertise:

History and Philosophy of Physics (Theory of Relativity), Early Modern Philosophy

Selected Publications:

Cosgrove, J. (2021) "Einstein's Priniciple of Equivalence and the Heuristic Significance of General Covariance". Foundations of Physics.(51), 23.

Cosgrove, J. (2018) Relativity without Spacetime. Palgrave Macmillan

Cosgrove, J. (2011) On the Mathematical Representation of Spacetime: A Case Study in Historical-Phenomenological Desedimentation. New Yearbook for Phenomenology.(XI), 154-186.

Cosgrove, J. (2008) Simone Weil's Spiritual Critique of Modern Science: A Historical-Critical Assessment. Zygon.(43), 353-370.

Cosgrove, J. (2008) "Husserl, Jacob Klein, and Symbolic Nature". Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal.(29), 227-251.

Cosgrove, J. (2007) Beauty and the Destitution of Technology. American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly.(81), 109-125.

Cosgrove, J. (2004) "Cartesian Certainty and the Infinity of the Will". History of Philosophy Quarterly.(21), 377-396.

Selected Presentations:

Cosgrove, J. Simone Weil Colloquium. , New Orleans, LA - "Paper: Reflections on a Text Regarding the Use of Algebra as an Instrument" April, 2016

Cosgrove, J. Jacob Klein Conference. , Providence, RI - "Paper: Klein and Einstein on Cartesian Space" March, 2016

Cosgrove, J. American Weill Society Annual Colloquy. , Notre Dame University - "You Are Information" March, 2012

Cosgrove, J. The Thought of Jacob Klein. , Seattle, WA - "Klein and the Mathematical Representation of Spacetime: A Case Study in Desedimentation" May, 2010

Cosgrove, J. American Weil Society. , Boston, MA - "Gravity or Grace? The Role of Natural Virtue in Thought of Simone Weil" April, 2010

Cosgrove, J. South Central Colloquium in Early Modern Philosophy. , Fayetteville, AR - "Descartes, Modern Science and the Self-Effacement of Metaphysics" October, 2006