Emann Allebban

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:


St. Catherine of Siena Hall 114


Ph.D. - Philosophy McGill University

Brief Biography:

Emann specializes in Islamic philosophy and theology, with an interest in the history of metaphysics. In a series of articles, and in her monograph under progress, Avicenna’s Metaphysics and Its Reception in Postclassical Islamic Philosophy, she explores the ways in which philosophers of the Islamic world systematically investigated the world, from the natural sciences to metaphysics to rational theology, as distilled through the lenses of both Aristotelian and indigenous frameworks. She integrates these traditions into her teaching as part of the liberal arts education, weaving historical and global perspectives into the treatment of enduring questions.

She is the recipient of several competitive research grants and has presented her work at Harvard University, UCLA, the University of Chicago, the University of Notre Dame, as well as abroad at the University of London, the University of Birmingham, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, and Medeniyet University of Istanbul, among others. She also frequently presents at conferences of the American Philosophical Association, the Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy, the American Academy of Religion, and the Middle East Studies Association.

She studied and researched for a year in Damascus as a Fulbright recipient and has conducted archival research in Turkey, Spain and Morocco. She received her doctorate in philosophy at McGill University, with a year as a visiting student researcher at UC- Berkeley, and her B.A. in philosophy and liberal studies at the University of Michigan- Dearborn.

She was featured in The Forum of the BBC World Service for her work on Avicenna.

Selected Presentations:

Allebban, E. American Philosophical Association Pacific Division. , Vancouver - "The Missing Premise: A Re-interpretation of Avicenna’s Proof for the Existence of a Necessary Being" April, 2022

Allebban, E. American Philosophical Association Eastern Division. Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy, Chicago - "The Place of Chance in a Necessary World" February, 2022

Allebban, E. Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy. , University of Notre Dame - "The Metaphysics of Miracles: Ghazālī versus Avicenna on Divine Causation" October, 2021

Allebban, E. Women on Medieval Philosophy Conference. , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - "Primary and Secondary Causes of the Natural Order in Avicenna" July, 2021

Allebban, E. The Global Philosophy of Religion Project Conference. , University of Birmingham - "Explaining the Cosmos: Creation as Conservation in Avicenna’s Metaphysics" June, 2021

Allebban, E. Islamic Philosophy Conference. , Harvard University - "Causing and Conserving Species in Avicenna’s Metaphysics" April, 2019

Allebban, E. Seminar on Philosophical Theology in Early Modern Philosophy. Department of Philosophy, UCLA - "Avicenna’s First Principle: The Proof of the Necessary Being" May, 2018

Allebban, E. . Medeniyet University Department of Philosophy, Istanbul - "A Re-Examination of Avicenna’s Theory of Efficient Causation" January, 2018

Allebban, E. American Philosophical Association. Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosoph, Baltimore - "Between Aristotelian Science and Explanatory Adequacy: Avicenna’s Theory of Causation" January, 2017

Allebban, E. American Philosophical Association Pacific Division. , San Francisco - "The Metaphysics of Conserving Causation in Avicenna" April, 2016

Allebban, E. American Academy of Religion. , Atlanta - "What is Islamic in Islamic Political Theology? A Genealogy of Reformist Discourses on the Political and the Theological" November, 2015

Allebban, E. . Shi'ah Institute, University of London - "Naṣīr al-Dīn al-Ṭūsī’s Reception of Avicenna’s Metaphysics of Causation" September, 2015

Allebban, E. Middle East Studies Association. , Washington, D.C. - "Uses of Proofs of God in the Medieval and Modern Islamic World" November, 2014

Allebban, E. American Academy of Religion. , Syracuse University - "Uses of Proofs of God in the Medieval and Modern Islamic World" May, 2014

Allebban, E. Middle East History and Theory Conference. University of Chicago, - "Proving God in Islamic Philosophy" May, 2014

Allebban, E. Institute of Islamic Studies Graduate Student Symposium. , McGill University - "An Endless Debate: Avicenna on Infinite Causal Chains" April, 2012