Justin Caouette

Visiting Faculty

Contact Information:


St. Catherine of Siena Hall 024


Ph.D. - University of Calgary

Brief Biography:

Before coming to Providence College, I held full time teaching positions at Northeastern University and Bridgewater State University. I received my Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Calgary in 2019. My current research projects are wide ranging. In bioethics I've been focused on the ethics of pharmacological enhancements. In ethics I've been focused on the nature of a variety of moral concepts such as obligation, responsibility, blame, and punishment. I also have a long-standing research program in the free will debate where I focus on the moral ramifications of hard incompatibilism. Relatedly, I've been investigating the fittingness of various emotions and virtues such as compassion, blame, anger, honesty, and forgiveness.

Area(s) of Expertise:

Ethics, Biomedical Ethics, Moral Psychology, Free Will and Moral Responsibility

Teaching Philosophy:

Doing philosophy in the classroom has changed my life; it's a privilege to be able to connect with students on subject matter that has the potential to change their lives as well. Thus, in creating a philosophy course and delivering the course material it is always important for me to deliver the course material in a way that can be absorbed by as many students as possible. My courses are discussion based, so participation plays a large role in the classroom experience.

Selected Publications:

Veit, W. Earp, B. Faber, N. Bostrom, N. Caouette, J. Mannino, A. Caviola, L. Sandberg, A. Savulescu, J. (2020) Recognizing the Diversity of Cognitive Enhancements. AJOB Neuroscience.(11), 250-253.

Caouette, J. Habib, A. (2018) Enhancement and Cheating: Implications for Policy in Sport. Springer International Publishing

Caouette, J. (2018) The Moral Psychology of Compassion. Rowman and Littlefield

Caouette, J. (2015) Robust Alternatives, Blame, and the Tax Evasion Case. Southwest Philosophy Review.(31), 27-32.

Caouette, J. Boutland, D. (2013) Perception of Addiction and Its Effects on One's Moral Responsibility. AJOB Neuroscience.(4), 43-44.

Caouette, J. (2013) Moral Responsibility and Psychopathy: Why We Do Not Have Special Obligations to the Psychopath. AJOB Neuroscience.(4), 26-27.

Selected Presentations:

Caouette, J. . , US Naval War College, Newport, RI. - ""On A Soldier's Obligation to Enhance."" February, 2023

Caouette, J. American Philosophical Association (APA) Pacific Division Meeting. APA, San Diego, California - ""Human Agency, Moral Obligation, and Moral Responsibility: What's Luck Got To Do With It?" " March, 2018

Caouette, J. 69th Annual Northwest Philosophy Conference. , Washington State University - " "Against Free Will Skepticism: An Argument From Ethics"" October, 2017

Caouette, J. Enhancing Our Understanding of Enhancement International Conference. Hasting Center and The Center of Bioethics in Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia - ""Moral Enhancement as Punishment"" October, 2015

Caouette, J. Workshop on the Epistemic Condition of Moral Responsibility. , VU University, Amsterdam - ""Do Psychopaths Meet the Epistemic Condition on Moral Responsibility?"" May, 2015

Caouette, J. American Philosophical Association (APA) Central Division Meeting. APA, St Louis, Missouri - ""A Defense of Ought-Implies-Can."" February, 2015

Caouette, J. Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference. Society for Applied Philosophy, St Anne's College, Oxford University - "“On a Consistent Application of Moral Consideration.”" June, 2014

Caouette, J. Royal Institute of Philosophy Annual Conference. Royal Institute of Philosophy, University College Dublin - "“Rejecting Suberogatory and Supererogatory Act Distinctions.”" June, 2014

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