Majors & Minors

Vance Morgan

The Department of Philosophy at Providence College offers both a Major and a Minor in Philosophy.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

The philosophy major provides an in-depth introduction to philosophy, with required courses in every major era in the history of philosophy, as well as in ethics, logic, and metaphysics. Students can combine their study of philosophy with a double major or a minor in many areas of the arts and humanities, the sciences, or business disciplines.

The Philosophy Minor

The philosophy minor offers students a great opportunity to study philosophy in tandem with their major area of study. The requirements allow students to choose the courses they want to take with the instructors they want to study with, giving them the flexibility to focus on the areas that interest them the most or to spread their study across a range of different areas of philosophy. As a result, the minor is an attractive and popular addition to many programs of study, and that can add significantly to a student’s employability.

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