Vance Morgan


Contact Information:


St. Catherine of Siena Hall 118


Ph.D. - Philosophy Marquette University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Ethics, Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Knowledge, American Philosophy

Selected Publications:

Morgan, V. (2009) Miracles and Supernatural Physics: Simone Weil on the Relationship Between Science and Religion. Continuum Publishing Group

Morgan, V. (2008) Miracles et la physique surnaturelle: relations entre la science et la religion selon Simone Weil. Cahiers Simone Weil.(32), 291-307.

Morgan, V. (2005) Weaving the World: Simone Weil on Mathematics, Science, and Love. University of Notre Dame Press

Morgan, V. (2004) . University of Notre Dame Press

Morgan, V. (1994) Foundations of Cartesian Ethics. Humanities Press

Selected Presentations:

Morgan, V. American Weil Society: Simone Weil and the Political. , Berkeley, CA - "'Ideas Are Not Made For Fighting': A Lesson in Tolerance from the Cathars" May, 2011

Morgan, V. Colloquy of the American Weil Society. Simone Weil: Are We Ready for Her?, Edwardsville, IL - "Simone Weil and Erotic Pedagogy" April, 2009

Morgan, V. Simone Weil et la Science. , Paris, France - "Miracles & Supernatural Physics" November, 2008

Morgan, V. American Weil Society. , Toronto, CA - "Grace Tangled with Violence: Looking behind 'Christ's Tender Smile'" April, 2008

Morgan, V. The American Weil Society XXVII Annual Colloquy. , Santa Fe, New Mexico - "The King and the Maiden: Reflections on Weil, Kierkegaard and the Moment" April, 2007

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