Philosophy Major

The Philosophy major at PC is an attractive option for students considering a career in almost any area of business, health care, law, and many other areas, as well as those considering graduate study. Our major combines required courses in each major era of the History of Philosophy, and in Metaphysics, Ethics, and Logic, with a number of electives allowing students the freedom to develop and pursue their own interests. Current or recent Philosophy majors have combined their study of Philosophy with a second major in subjects such as Biology, English and Theology, or with a minor in subjects such as Art, Asian Studies, Business, Classics, Finance, History, Math, Military Science, Political Science, and Liberal Arts Honors.

Philosophy majors are required to take 11 courses (33 credits) in Philosophy, including the following:

  1. Logic Elective (Either PHL101 Logic or PHL315 Symbolic Logic)
  2. PHL300 Ancient Philosophy
  3. PHL330 Wisdom of Aquinas
  4. PHL360 Early Modern Philosophy or PHL380 Late Modern Philosophy
  5. PHL426 Metaphysics
  6. PHL480 Senior Seminar
  7. Ethics Elective (Any course satisfying the Ethics Core Requirement)
  8. Contemporary Elective (One of the following: PHL326 Contemporary Women Philosophers; PHL352 Philosophy of Mind; PHL412 Contemporary Philosophy; PHL422 Existentialism; PHL430 Phenomenology)
  9. Free Elective (Any course with the “PHL” designation)
  10. Free Elective (Any course with the “PHL” designation)
  11. Free Elective (Any course with the “PHL” designation)

(For a definitive statement of the requirements for the major, please see the relevant sections of the undergraduate catalog.)

To sign up for a Philosophy major, visit the Philosophy Office in Siena Hall 105 to fill out a registration form. We’ll assign you a Faculty Advisor and get you started on the path to a Philosophy degree!