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Philosophy Courses

Core Courses

Students can choose from a range of courses at the 100, 200, 300 and 400 levels in Philosophy. 100-level courses are open to freshmen and sophomores only; 200 and 300-level courses are open to sophomores, juniors and seniors only; 400-level courses are open to juniors and seniors only, with the exception of PHL 480 [Seminar], which is only open to senior Philosophy Majors.

100-Level Courses

At the 100-level, students can choose from the following courses: PHL101 Logic, PHL103 Introduction to Philosophy, and PHL150 Philosophy and Literature.

200, 300, and 400-Level Courses

Our 200, 300, and 400-level courses fall into the following six broad categories: (1) Ethics, Religion and Human Life, (2) Society, Politics, and Culture, (3) Language, Thought, and World, (4) History of Philosophy, (5) Contemporary Philosophy, and (6) Special Topics.

Ethics, Religion, and Human Life

PHL 202 General Ethics

PHL 207 Philosophy of the Human Person

PHL 301 Ethics, Moral Leadership, and the Common Good

PHL 304 Current Problems in Ethics

PHL 306 Business Ethics

PHL 309 Biomedical Ethics

PHL 312 Thomistic Ethics

PHL 434 Ethical Problems and Technology

Society, Politics and Culture

PHL 316 Social and Political Philosophy

PHL 320 Catholic Social Thought

PHL 337 Philosophy and Globalization

PHL 339 Environmental Philosophy

PHL 407 Philosophy of Art

PHL 423 Law and Morality

Language, Thought, and World

PHL 315 Symbolic Logic

PHL 318 Philosophy of Science

PHL 319 Philosophy of Knowledge

PHL 321 American Philosophy

PHL 325 Asian Philosophy

PHL 342 Sources of Philosophical Errors

PHL 347 Philosophy of Language

PHL 426 Metaphysics

PHL 430 Phenomenology

History of Philosophy

PHL 200 Introduction to the Philosophy of St Thomas

PHL 206 The Wisdom of Socrates

PHL 300 Ancient Philosophy

PHL 310 Medieval Philosophy

PHL 330 The Wisdom of Aquinas

PHL 360 Early Modern Philosophy

PHL 380 Late Modern Philosophy

PHL 406 The Wisdom of Augustine

Contemporary Philosophy

PHL 326 Contemporary Women Philosophers

PHL 352 Philosophy of Mind

PHL 412 Contemporary Philosophy

PHL 422 Contemporary Existentialism

Special Topics

PHL 460 Tutorial

PHL 470 Special Topics in Philosophy

PHL 480 Seminar

PHL 490 Independent Study

Course Descriptions for all of our courses can be found in the undergraduate catalog.