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Benjamin Yost


Contact Information:


St. Catherine of Siena Hall 105


Ph.D. - Rhetoric University of California/Berkeley

M.A. - Philosophy Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven

Area(s) of Expertise:

Kant's practical philosophy, Levinas, capital punishment, philosophy of punishment, normative jurisprudence

Selected Publications:

Yost, B. Kant's Theory of Motivation: A Hybrid Approach. Review of Metaphysics.

Yost, B. (2017) What's Wrong with Differential Punishment?. Utilitas.(29),

Yost, B. Against Capital Punishment. Oxford University Press

Yost, B. (2016) Kant's Demonstration of Freedom, or How to Do Things with Concepts. Journal of the American Philosophical Association.(2),

Yost, B. (2015) Punishment, Desert, and Equality: A Levinasian Analysis. Death and Other Penalties: Philosophy in a Time of Mass Incarceration.

Yost, B. (2015) Review of Sensen, Kant on Moral Autonomy. Philosophical Review.(124),

Yost, B. (2011) Responsibility and Revision: a Levinasian Argument for the Abolition of Capital Punishment. Continental Philosophy Review.(44),

Yost, B. (2011) The Irrevocability of Capital Punishment. Journal of Social Philosophy.(42),

Yost, B. (2010) Kant's Justification of the Death Penalty Reconsidered. Kantian Review.(15),

Selected Presentations:

Yost, B. American Philosophical Association. , Chicago, IL - "Paper: What’s Wrong with Differential Punishment?" March, 2016

Yost, B. Bowling Green State University Workshop on Ethics of Policing and Prisons. , Bowling Green, OH - "Paper: What's Wrong with Differential Punishment" March, 2016

Yost, B. North American Kant Society. , Philadelphia, PA - "Paper: Kant's Demonstration of Freedom in Its Legislative Aspect" May, 2014

Yost, B. American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division. , San Diego, CA - "Kant’s Demonstration of Freedom in Its Legislative Aspect" April, 2014

Yost, B. Levinas Research Seminar. , Claremont, CA - "Board Member: Executive Secretary" April, 2014

Yost, B. American Philosophical Association, Central Division. , - "Kant’s Demonstration of Freedom in Its Motivational Aspect" , 2013

Yost, B. Philosophy Colloqium. Philosophy Department, George Mason University, - "The Irrevocability of Capital Punishment" , 2011

Yost, B. American Philosophical Association, Central Division. , Minneapolis, MN - "The Irrevocability of Capital Punishment" March, 2011

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